Do You Have A Great Idea You'd
Like To Turn Into A Bestselling Book?

If so, let me show you the easy-to-copy strategies used by millionaire authors to drive their books up the bestseller charts.

You can use these tactics if you’re still writing your book… you’re about to launch a book… and even if your book has been published for some time.

I recently held a Bestseller Secrets Seminar for a select group of authors and writers. The event was a ‘one-off’ and won’t be repeated.


The day was jam-packed full of strategies I usually reserve only for my top clients...


If you MISSED that seminar because you had other commitments or live outside the UK, this is your chance to get your hands on the DVD Set of this seminar. That’s 4 discs covering all the content of the day.

Here’s what some of the authors who attended have to say about The Bestseller Secrets Seminar:

“The publishing day in Oxford created a quantum leap in my outlook, expectations, attitude and commitment... first class.”  - Graham Wendes.

“A wonderful day packed with mind-blowing information... FABULOUS seminar!”  - Ita Roche.

“A powerful, informative and energising day!”  - Sula Thomas.

“I came home feeling very positive and enjoyed your teaching immensely. I think you have a gift in bringing out the best in people!”  - Mandy Turner.


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While you’re watching these BESTSELLER SECRETS DVDs, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how many books you must sell to become an Amazon bestselling author… It’s MUCH less than your think.
  • Why you need celebrity endorsements... and how to quickly and easily get them.
  • How to create a killer sales campaign & build excitement about your book.
  • How to increase your chances of success before you even write a word.
  • What you need to do before, during & after your bestseller campaign.
  • The pitfalls of a bestseller campaign… and how to ensure yours is a success.
  • Why your book title is crucial to your success – and how to choose a compelling one.
  • How to become a wealthy writer… again, you’ll be surprised.
  • How to build your credibility & authority as an author.
  • And much, much more!

As you may know 'The Power of Persistence' by Justin Sachs – a book I contributed to - became a best-selling self-help book when it was launched in 2009. We reached our goal in just ONE day!


Since then, I’ve helped launch several bestseller campaigns that rocketed clients’ books to the top of the Amazon charts in under a week.

It isn’t rocket science! In fact, it’s outrageously simple once you know how.


The top 1% of writers use this formula to push their books up the bestseller lists…
Now is YOUR chance to copy this method too.


These strategies work best with non-fiction books. However, with creative thinking, they can also be used with fiction.  And here’s the good news… they can be used even if your book is obscure or has been published for some time.

One of my newsletter subscribers used these strategies with her long-since-published poetry book… and it shot into the Poetry 100 List on Amazon within hours!


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Use The Exact Words That I Use...

You don't have to worry about getting your words right when you launch your own bestseller campaign. I've even taken that headache away for you.

As well as the 4 DVDs, you’ll also be receiving templates for:

  • A letter to celebrities asking them to endorse your book.
  • A letter enticing experts, entrepreneurs or business owners to give you thousands of pounds of free gifts to help you promote your book.

My aim is to ensure that you’re equipped and ready to launch your own bestseller campaign after you’ve done all the exercises and finished watching the Bestseller Secrets Seminar DVD Set.

What’s more, once you have these skills, you can apply them again and again with all your future books.


Why Should You Listen To Me?


My name is Stephanie J Hale. I’m co-founder of The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women and award-winning author of books including Millionaire Women, Millionaire You.

Book cover

If you’re already subscribed to my Rich Writer, Poor Writer Newsletter, you’ll know a little about me. I’m former Assistant Director of the world-renowned creative writing programme at Oxford University; and former literature adviser to The Arts Council of England.  I’m also founder and director of Oxford Literary Consultancy.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped over 3000 authors around the world to write, sell and promote their books.  I’ve found top literary agents for rejected authors in under ONE week.  I’ve helped clients get MASSIVE radio and TV publicity worth thousands of pounds.

Over the years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet many award-winning, famous and bestselling writers. I’ve met writers who are household names and writers whose books have been turned into Hollywood blockbusters.

But here’s the SHOCKING thing... While I’ve met hundreds of talented writers, the majority of them are making little or no money from their writing… or worse, they aren’t getting published at all.

Meanwhile, a small percentage of authors – about 1 per cent - are bringing in seven figures. What’s more, they aren’t always the best writers.

Why… Well, because a lot of the mainstream advice about publishing is either misguided or downright wrong.  And most writers simply don’t know any millionaire authors or bestselling writers who are prepared to reveal their publishing secrets to them!

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Around 1% of writers use these methods… or
even know about them.

My point is this… It’s taken over 20 years to gain this knowledge while working with top names in publishing, the media and business. These are the essential skills I wish I’d known when I first started out.

If I sat down with you for a day and explained these bestseller strategies fully, it’d cost over £1,500 in consultation fees.

Instead, you can learn the same secrets in the DVD Set of my BESTSELLER SECRETS SEMINAR for a fraction of the price at:

JUST £147 £97


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I’m keeping the price this low as I’d like to create some more success stories before the year is out – I’d like one of these to be YOU.




This offer is risk-free. Buy this 4-Disc DVD Set and check it out for 7 days.

If, by the end of this period, you feel it isn’t for you, just send it back in the same condition for a prompt and courteous refund.  


By now, you’ll realize this information will help you enormously with the success of your book.  I’m printing just 50 copies of this DVD Set.  So if you’re serious about your writing, you need to place your order right now…


I’d love to help you turn your dreams of publishing success into reality.

Warm wishes

Stephanie Hale 

P.S. I’m getting just 50 DVD Sets printed… so they’ll be offered strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

P.P.S. Writers come to me because they want great results and they want them fast!  No matter where you are with your writing – would-be author, self-published author, professional writer -  this information will benefit you. At the end of watching this seminar, you’ll have the keys to creating your own bestseller.

P.P.P.S. Your investment is covered by my unconditional money-back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you don’t find this information valuable, tell me and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.  



"Stephanie Hale is a fantastic literary consultant: not only can she advise on how to improve a manuscript, but her knowledge of the book industry is second to none.  Last year, I had a novel but no idea about how to get it published.  Within weeks of speaking to Stephanie, I was taken on by a top literary agent.  The Oxford Literary Consultancy is the best in the UK - don't go anywhere else."
Louise Soraya Black, Pomegranate Sky     
(Winner of the Aurora Metro Literary Prize, 2009)
 “Having started the year as an unpublished writer with not much more than the germ of an idea for a children's book, I now have a finished book, an agent and at least one interested publisher - all thanks to the Oxford Literary Consultancy.  I genuinely could not have got this far without the advice and support I've received.  The Consultancy has a great deal of expertise and knows its business very well, and I'd recommend its services to any writers who really want to know where they stand."    Sarah Loving, Too Gross, Too True.

“My book is poetry (doesn’t sell) and has been out for a year, so you’d think anyone who was going to buy it would have bought it…. Within the first hour, it surged (on Amazon rankings) from 413,000 to 9,600 overall, and jumped into the Poetry Top 100 at 92… This stuff really works. Wow! Imagine what I could do with a ‘new’ book! Thanks a million, your advice is fantastic.”  
Ros Barber, Material


“I've now got a literary agent to represent me, and I'm certain none of this would have been achieved without your support, and some well-considered advice. The Oxford Literary Consultancy is very professional, but it's also friendly and easily approachable. I can't imagine that I'll ever submit a book to my agent until I've run it past Stephanie Hale and her team.”    John Kitchen, TXT.


“Well, I have to say, your synopsis has worked wonders. Four literary agents – two of which had previously sent blunt rejections - are now reading the entire manuscript.”
Chris Ashbrook, A Darker Gold.


A Time of Love to be published in April. On top of that, somebody in Hollywood has taken up the option and will be going ahead with The Nightmare Man on American TV…  Thank you for all the advice you gave me.
David Wiltshire, A Time of Love, A Time of War


“I feel that you can offer what other academic courses or weekend courses in country houses usually do not offer, namely expert one-to-one advice based on your own work. There is also the crucial moral support you give when going through the agonizing process of trying to find an agent or publisher.”
Gordon Lowe, The Matfield Murders.


“I found your consultancy helped enormously by steering my synopsis writing into the right channel. At least I now get asked to submit opening chapters on a regular basis.” Ray Murray, Endgame.


"Karla’s got her first interview tomorrow with BBC news. Also, SKY News to follow and maybe GMTV. Without your help, this would have been impossible. You’ve been an inspiration. We’re so grateful."
P. Winters, London   







The testimonials and examples used here are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person's success depends on his / her background, desire and motivation.